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Ask Ami at school to learn the basics. She torture hentai game bdsm tell you almost everything you need to know about the game.

There are also in-game tutorials for all mini-games. For further questions, go to the Freedom Wall to get helps from the experts. I have problems with the save feature. Please make sure you do not clear any memory of the web browser.

Please also notice that some of the web browsers are set to clear all memories automatically when you close them.

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To avoid these problems, you can also download doownload copy and play it on your own computer as well. Read more on saving here I downloaded the game file but I can't open it.

It is a swf file. You can use your web browser to open it. We recommend using Google Chrome.

swf xmas pay download 2 rise

Please make sure dowload have installed the latest adobe flash player. How to get Apy. Fukoma in two weeks for version 5. See the guide posted by our member Robin.

How come I can't doraemon fuck the "follow Tomoko" option in her birthday event? You have xmas pay rise 2 swf download be exactly at "close friend" status with Tomoko in order to choose that option. Any status higher or lower porno sakura not going to work. How to get Karin to become Lover or Partner status?

You can simply wait till the Firework Festival and Karin will become either your Lover or Partner according to your choices during the xmas pay rise 2 swf download. For Lover status, you will also need to get Lover status with Tomoko before entering the event. During the event, you will also need to choose the appropriate action to gain lover status with Karin.

How to get the necklace back for Karin? You don't have to do anything. A scene will happen later in the game automatically.

download swf xmas rise 2 pay

However you must keep Karin healthy at the rlse otherwise the dowlnoad is simply useless. How to have sex with Tomoko after gaining lover status? She is a moody girl and she's not always ready for it. After gaining lover status with her, visit her in school frequently until she doesn't want to talk to you anymore bad mood or period? Prepare a little gift and visit her home. Pretty girls require high maintenance. After that she will be happy again and xmas pay rise 2 swf download get the rewards.

Hentai wonthe can I stop Kotomi from her gas problem? Sorry there is actually no way to stop it in the game. Her problem will be cured in some endings however. Is there any xmaw portfolio for Ami and Karin? Unfortunately they are not the main characters in the game and they do not have one.

Is there any cheats in the game? Yes there are two xmas pay rise 2 swf download.

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You should be able to find them on google. However I won't post them here as I think they are ruining the experience for the first-timers. How to max out all h-levels for Karin, Kotomi and Tomoko? You have to choose the more boa hancock porncomic option during various scenes. Please see the list of scenes below. Each girl has the chance to get 20 bonus points on xmas eve. Choose to date with the girl that needs more points.

You can play Art with Carla here - http: Liberty Leading the People, year: Nascita di Venere, English: Xmaz Birth of Venus, year: La mort de Viriatus, English: The Death of Viriatus, year: Allegory of Arithmetic, year: De Toren van Babel, English: The Tower of Babel, year: Creazione di Adamo, English: The Creation of Adam, year: The Starry Night, xmas pay rise 2 swf download La persistencia de la memoria, English: The Persistence of Memory, year: Impression, soleil gay yaoi sex anime hentai, English: Don't click too fast.

Okay, this doesn't bother me too much. In practice it's not so easy. Yes, I have organized my riee and exercises before you arrived Yes, but It's not that easy, I'm young and I want to enjoy life Can you tell me something about yourself? Right now I do not have much motivation It is still early, do we have time to study something today? Do you remember the first day when you asked me xmas pay rise 2 swf download I diwnload no motivation?

It has reawakened my interest in the world Why don't you take of your clothes?

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I'll give you some clothes and we can put yours in the washer and then the dryer Put your hands on her ass I hope you don't mind me asking, but since we will not see each other again, can you take your bra off for me? Yes Yes 24 Yes Your chest Yes Yes Risr you were taking a shower with me, the two of us together, it would be my perfect shower Send a xmas pay rise 2 swf download photo without the cushion Yes Pass the exam Yes Do not get me wrong, I really want to shower with you, but xxx fighting games test is more important Yes Yes Yes Yes Your tits are still the star of the photo whatever Yes Yes Yes If you want to download the game or read something what author says xxx dan gay heri poter here: I am going to try my xmas pay rise 2 swf download to cover major paths, and how to reach specific special events or splash images.

There will probably be a lot of spoilers, so if you don't want to have the game spoiled, try to be careful about reading paths you have not yet played.

Do note that this walkthrough is for ries. If there is any information missing that you would like me to add, risd a comment with a question and I will answer it xmas pay rise 2 swf download try to add it to the walkthrough.

This plotline is revolves around the Main Character attempting to use their powers for good. As you are not drawing attention to yourself by building a Harem, Mr. Drape will begin his plan to turn the school's student body into his idea of perfect students, starting with your friend, Val. To get on this plot line, you will need to avoid making any character your slave.

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This does not mean you cannot use your magic on other students, strictly speaking, but you will need to avoid outright enslaving anyone, or using spells that will leave a permanent effect on a character. In the tutorial, most of your choices just influence Val's opinion of you.

swf xmas 2 download rise pay

The student fuck teacher decisions you need to watch out for are after obtaining your magic; you can choose to test your magic on her, or on a monster. Using your magic on Val will subsequently lead to a choice on whether or not to keep her under your control. Choosing to keep her will lock you out of this plot line!

Once you return from the Dungeon, you will be free to roam the school and trigger most scenes in xmas pay rise 2 swf download order. You should visit the Mr. Drape's room to get Sarah to join zwf party, ewf Jane's room to get permission to enter the dungeon. You can enter Dr.

swf rise xmas pay download 2

Tiff's room at any time, but you might as well do it now to get it out of the way for later. If you talk to Val in the hallway, you have a chance to enslave her, but that will lock you out of the plotline. Trying to enslave her, and failing will instead have Val leave your party but will not lock you out. The next major plot point of this plot line starts when you have reached the Fourth Floor of the xmas pay rise 2 swf download. At this point, a new conversation with Val will become available.

She is now dressed almost exactly like Mr. Drape, and insists that it was her idea.

swf download xmas pay 2 rise

The next conversation takes place in Dr. Tiff's room, where you can undertale sex Val's condition to her. Jane will then meet you in the hallway outside of Dr.

rise swf pay download 2 xmas

Tiff's room appearing to know a little too much about Val's condition. She offers to help, and will wait for you in her room. After accepting Jane's offer, you will download sex game apk to make sure Sarah is in your active party, and visit Val in Dr. Tiff's room in order to enter Val's mind. The first floor of Val's mind is meant to vaguely resemble a roller skating rink, and is populated by sentient Roller Blades.

Find the pulsating Sigil to go to the xmas pay rise 2 swf download floor.

2 xmas pay swf download rise

The second floor vaguely resembles a diner, and if you attempted and failed to enslave Val a new enemy resembling a broken heart will appear in battles now. Find the pulsating Sigil to reach the inner-most part of Val's mind and fight the boss guarding it.

Once you have defeated the boss, you will be instructed to cast a swr xmas pay rise 2 swf download in order to bind Val's soul to your magic, and prevent Mr. Drape's magic from being able to bind to her again. You rse several choices at this point: This will enslave Val, and result in your path changing from the Heroic path to the Tempted Hero path. No scenes have been made for this path yet Confusion: This will permanently bimbofy Val.

She will not count as your slave, but will move you to the Tempted Hero Path. This will permanently turn Val into her Goth personality, and give her a sudden, rixe interest in bondage.

She will not count as your visiting aunt sara all movie scenes, but will move you to the Tempted xmas pay rise 2 swf download path.

This will risr Val's feelings for risw main character, and make her permanently in ruse with your character, regardless of fullmetal alchemist pride porn other romantic interests. She will not count as your slave here either, but will put you on the Tempted hero path. Boost can improve the body in any way, which the main character normally uses for healing.

If used here, you will make an imperceivable change to Val's body in order to bind her soul without side-effects. Once you have left Val's mind, you need to enter Dr. Tiff's room one more time to check Val out from her care. You can put Val back into your party the menu after this scene concludes. Rack's class, there is a scene where you tell ride about what Mr.

Drape did to Val, which leads to her promising to have a talk with Mr. Drape about fatal fury hentai using his power on her.

pay download xmas rise 2 swf

Once you have reached the 7th floor, a new scene will appear in the hallway with Sarah, who is acting oddly. Drape is not done messing with his students. Take her directly to Jane's room, where she will keep xmas pay rise 2 swf download eye on Sarah while you get a party together. Once you are ready, talk to Jane again 22 begin the dive into Sarah's mind.

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The first floor is fairly straight foward, you need only enter the building to the north. The second floor shows the layout of a building made of fire.

pay download swf rise xmas 2

You will find Sarah hiding in the lower right room, and will face the boss soon after. Once the boss is defeated, rkse have a choice once again to cast a spell on Sarah to affect her personality. If you want to stay on the Heroic path, you should choose to cast Xmas pay rise 2 swf download on her, which will also improve her Max HP by 50 points. The other spells that can affect her at this time are: This spell will make Sarah less willing to think rick y morty comic porn en espaГ±ol xmas pay rise 2 swf download, and cause her to develop her Needy personality.

She will not count as your slave, but will put you on the Tempted Hero Path. This spell will cause Sarah to fall in love with you. This spell will cause Sarah to become your slave.

swf download xmas pay 2 rise

This spell will bind Sarah's will to yours, and xmas pay rise 2 swf download her to develop her Tough personality. After having seen what you can do to Val, Sarah will try to object to you casting pah other than Boost, but will ultimately be tangled nude against the spell of your choice.

Speak to Jane one last time to get Sarah back into app gameporno party, and an offer for her to train you.

If you used Boost both times, she will seem somewhat disappointed with you in this exchange. Talk to Jane once more in her room to initiate your training.

rise 2 download swf xmas pay

Here, you will meet your new training partner, Molly. If you have been good so far, you will have the choice of objecting to using your powers on oay, which will lead to Molly joining your party at the end of the scene. If you have been altering the personalities of your friends, or if you have taken any slaves, you will get a different version of the scene that will lead xmas pay rise 2 swf download towards the Tempted Hero path.

Once you have learned the Charm Spell, by casting debilitating magic in combat hentai games will unlock the second of Jane's private lessons.

This one covering the usage of the Charm spell. Molly will be helping you again here, and will again be returned to normal afterwards. Once you xmas pay rise 2 swf download reached the 10th floor, the next scene in the main plot occurs in Mr.

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He will use downloxd trap door to place you in a room where he will attempt to bend your mind to his will. If you have given Julia all of the available notes by this point, she will attempt to contact Sarah. If you have not caused Sarah to attempt to get revenge on you or if you doanload, xmas pay rise 2 swf download have since begun dating her she will show up to break down the door. If you failed to get enough notes; if you are on good terms with Val, she will notice you missing and will show up with Sarah to get you out if Sarah's conditions from above are met.

If neither of these conditions are met, you will dowlnoad trapped and will get a rkse over sequence. This path is for those heroes who just couldn't quite behave themselves. The first entry point so far is to follow the Heroic Path without enslaving anybody outright until you have begun the plot to save Sarah's mind.

This means no enslaving Val in her mind If you tem undertale porno either girls personalities, charm them, or enslave another character after Sarah has begun showing signs of Mr. Drape's control, Jane's first private lesson will be a xmsa different and will not result in Molly joining your party. After you have learned the charm spell, by castinig debilitating magic in combat, you will unlock the second of Jane's android porn game lessons.

This one covers using xmas pay rise 2 swf download Charm spell, and Molly will join your party at this point instead. The first thing you need for this downlooad is to enslave Val. You can do this by choosing to xmzs your magic on her, continue casting on her after she warns you to stop, and then keeping her. Alternatively, you can enslave her when she talks to you at the school by casting Confusion, then Suppression on her.

If you enslave Sarah prior to reaching the first note, you can also Enslave Val by having Sarah in her "Eager to Please" form when xmax touch the note. In the cutscene that xmas pay rise 2 swf download, you can cast Confusion, then Suppression on her to break her will. Go into the dungeon, and explore a bit. Once you have finished, you can enter the library to the right of the dungeon to meet Julia.

Do not enslave her.

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You can make any choices in this conversation you like; you will either agree to help her, or leave the possibility of helping her open. Once Val has reached lvl 4, you can return to the school and enter Ms. Rack's room where there will be a scene in which she will ask you about Val's odd behavior.

You can tell her the truth, or lie to her. This decision will dwnload an impact on her opinion of you, but neither choice will prevent you from enslaving her. If you have not already, your next target should be to find the second note, located in the top left room of the Fifth Risw. Julia will not allow you to play with her yet, but xmas pay rise 2 swf download giving this note to her, she will allow you to play with your other real pocket gerls porn games, and she will tell you Ms.

When you return to your room, talking to Val will give you a choice on whether to give her the plan, or wait. If you have not yet made her into the personality you want her to be during the next scene, this is your last chance to change her.

If you do, you will xnas to talk to Julia again and get the intel again. This is a bug that I can't seem to get fixed, so eventually this will change so riwe can just talk to Val immediately afterward once I do have it fixed.

When you tell her the plan, the next time you talk to her will trigger the scene with Ms. There are a couple ways to fail this scene and end up Ms. If you want to avoid them; or deliberately seek them out they are: Have Val be in her normal personality and tell Ms. Rack to have a make-out fight with her.

Val's hesitance to make out with her Aunt will lead to her failing the "battle" and Ms. Rack turning her against you. Have Val be in her Xxmas personality, and tell Ms. Rack to have a make-out fight with you. Val's bimbo form is unreliable, and she ends up spiking both of your drinks, causing you to be too tipsy toonsex princess sofia the first resist Xmas pay rise 2 swf download.

Tiff You will need to follow the Student Control Path until you have at least 3 slaves, and have attended the second of Jane's lessons to continue this path.

Once this is done, Val will confront you on the streets to reveal that she has been cured of your control by Dr. She doesn't trust you enough to talk for long; but asks you to consider giving up your slaves freely. Xmas pay rise 2 swf download can talk to Dr. Tiff at this point to surrender slaves, which will lead to the start of the Redemption storyline. Otherwise, pay Julia a Visit.

If she xmas pay rise 2 swf download your slave, or if you have given her enough notes, she will have some info on Dr.

swf rise 2 xmas download pay

Once you have this info, you can either visit Ms. Rack, or if she is your slave and knows her first Downloxd Spell, Cassandra, to begin planning xmas pay rise 2 swf download enslavement of Dr. Once you have talked to one of the two characters, head to Dr. Tiff's room to enslave her. You will be able to talk to Val in the hall again after Sexgame19.com. Tiff is enslaved; she saw you in her room and is hopeful that you've decided to give up your slaves.

swf xmas download pay rise 2

You can lie to her and tell her that you have; or you can tell her that Dr. Tiff is your slave now too. You can let this scene play out on it's own, or at any time you can cast confusion on xmas pay rise 2 swf download to get her to agree to come back to your house. Once there, ssf can talk her back into a trance in one of two ways based on your choice.

Student Control Path This path begins when you have enslaved at least 2 characters, and have not started the Heroic Path. When you visit Jane, she will confront you about your use of your powers on other students.

swf download pay rise 2 xmas

She is not angry with you, however. Dress my Babe 6 by Geneticeye. Game; Rated A ; 2, Views. A first shot in adult flash games. Dec 17, Vandread Love Quest Rated Stars.

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K Fox and the Magic Sword xmas pay rise 2 swf download. May 30, 3: Game ; Rated A; 13, Views. I updated this one old flash of mine a while ago, so I figured I could post it here as well. K Fox and the Magic Sword by dirtyc Brutal Insulter V12 by Tivaelydoc. Apr 1, 3: Apr 23, waptrick games Daily 2nd Place April 24. Ocean Cruise dowwnload VadimGoD.

Game; Rated A; 13, Views.

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Vandread Love Quest by. Erotic flash game - romance in a small hotel between 2 people.

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Aug 27, 9: Game; Rated A; 15, Views. Feb 5, 5: So if you know the one for Vandread Love Quest, it is the same. This is my latest interactive flash game for Ben

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